This PAST Sunday …my family went to watch WICKED…OMG it was so good. I have always wanted to see this play. I heard so many great things about this play. I have many friends that would go to New York just to see this show. I am not sure if its the same here as in New York..but it was amazing!!! I was happy that last year…we saw The Wizards of Oz…so it kinda refresh my memories a little. The musical was so beautiful. If WICKED ever comes to your town…I highly recommend you go see it. I was very surprise that the ticket price was actually not so bad. Compare the ticket price to Hamilton!!! I actually like Wicked more 😉


The Playbill


The backdrop


The dragon eyes light up



My love



And that’s a wrap for our SUNDAY!!! If WICKED ever comes to your HOME TOWN…you MUST go!!





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