Happy HUMP DAY!!! Halfway through the WEEK!! WOOHOO!! I have so much happening this week…that my head is SPINNING. We are trying to get through the last stretch of the school year. This week…I had so many END of year FUNCTIONS for the kiddos. Seems like every night something is happening. Yesterday, my son had a function at another school that I volunteer to chaperone that took all day…then the kids had an EARLY dismissal at 2:30..so I didn’t have any time to run errands by myself. I was gonna leave it for today but then I was asked to sub….so …guess my errands will have to wait until after the SPRING CONCERT tomorrow at the kids school. They have 2 times that they are performing …once in the morning at 9:15am then again at 6:00pm for the WORKING PARENTS. Of course my lil ones expect me to be at BOTH 😉

Here’s a little GLIMPSE into whats going on this week with us. 


This week we are eating anything that is EASY to make and CLEAN UP….so mainly ONE PAN MEAL that I can just throw into the oven.  CLEAN up consist of FOLDING up a FOIL and tossing in the TRASH 😉




Spring Roll


SUMMER!!! SUMMER!! EVERYTHING SUMMER…sleeping in late, hanging out by the pool, GRILLING, NO ALARM CLOCK!!


Is this what the END of the YEAR school lunch looks like?? LOL


This is what I actually packed..but trust me…I feel like just throwing in whatever I have in the pantry or refrigerator.


Don’t you just feel like that in the last couple of  weeks of school. JUST throwing a few pieces of bread or cracker and a water bottle into their lunch bag and CALL it a day hahahaha.  I think my whole FAMILY is looking forward to SUMMER!! EVERY night lately…I am struggling to come up with something for lunch for the kids lately. With just everything being squeezed into the last couple of weeks. Packing lunch has been a little harder on this mamma lately.. haha. End of school concerts…party…activities..etc

We just have about 11 days of school left!! My Kindergarten only have 3 actual days of school…then an END OF YEAR PARTY…then GRADUATION!!! WOOHOO!!!


I love this steamer that I got last year. It has been with me on almost every trip that we go on. When I am getting dress in the morning..and if my outfit is a little wrinkle..I just plug it in and in less than 5 minutes..its ready to go,. Takes me just a few minute to get all the wrinkles out. It was a little harder to video and steam …but usually I would hold the clothing article with one hand and steam with the other. I used to spend hours on the weekend ..IRONING all my clothes and etc. Now, I just pull this little steamer out and STEAM AWAY. Its not HUGE so you will have to refill the water after about 2 items.

If you are LOOKING for a steamer that is small and DOES its JOB…this is the STEAMER for you!!! Click HERE if you want to grab one up!!!




So, this wrap up on my What’s Up Wednesday….Hope you guys are having an AWESOME DAY!!!

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