Happy TUESDAY!!! Not only is it TUESDAY but its the last DAY of APRIL which means CLOSER to SUMMER!! Guys.. can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this summer. I think it is because this school year has really been a CRAZY busy one for us. With my oldest at a NEW SCHOOL ..which means that I had 2 school for drop off and pick up. I was so SPOILED for the past 10 years of 1 school drop off and pick up for my kids. I am just HAPPY that my oldest girl schedule is so flexible and I don’t have to rush to pick her up and I can drop her off super early in the morning.

THIS WEEK…I figure I would start something NEW…I will start to give some TIPS and TOOLS that I found have helps me…it can be in cooking, organizing, or JUST anything in general. Today TIP is on meal prepping and what I have found helped me these past few weeks when I am prepping for my MEALS. Before when I would prep my meals for the week…it usually just consist MAINLY of washing and cutting  up my veggies and fruits. Then I started to add a few PROTEIN marinates to the prepping…just to make things a little quicker during the week…like I would marinate my chicken breast with the marinates or sauce that I would use. Or if I am planning on throwing some Korean Beef in the oven…I would put all my ingredients/sauce into a ziploc bag with the KOREAN BEEF.  But in the last few weeks when I started subbing full time for a teacher who went on maternity leave. I started to think of a way that would make it even faster when I make dinners at night…so I started to prep EVERYTHING for the individual meals…for example: If I am making chicken fajitas…I would season my chicken breast with all the seasoning and toss that in a container or ziploc bag…then I would cut all my veggies and throw everything I would need into 1 containers…sliced bell peppers, onions, garlic. So that on the night that I am making this dish..I just need to grab the 1 container that is label FAJITAS  and the marinated chicken and lay it ALL on the baking pan. I used to have to open up EACH INDIVIDUAL CONTAINER ….like the bell pepper container..grab a handful of that …then open the sliced onion container and grab some of that…then the garlic container…etc. NOW, EVERYTHING is all prep into 1 container. I even went as far as to season the veggies…then all I have to do is add a little olive oil to the baking pan …lay my chicken breast down and toss the veggies in the olive oil. DONE DONE…toss in the oven!! READY in 20-30 minutes!!!


EVERYTHING in 1 container.


Same thing with my GINGER CHICKEN…I added everything to this container and threw it in the oven also.


My TUESDAY TIP is pretty much kinda like those DUMP MEALS for like crockpots and slow cookers. Just that my prep isn’t FREEZER MEAL.

Next, TIP is to remember to LABEL LABEL LABEL everything!! These SHARPIE …click HERE  are wonderful and so easy to take off…but makes LIFE so much easier for your whole family. My kids are at the point of being able to get their own snacks or make a quick little after school snack on their own …so when everything is label….they know exactly what they are grabbing and NOT HAVING to OPEN EVERY CONTAINER or asking where is that particular food they are looking for.

Labeling makes it easy for the kids to know what is in each container.



So, that is my TUESDAY TIPS for this week…if you have any tips or hack that made life easier for you….DO SHARE!! I would love to hear about it!!

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