Happy Tuesday everyone!! I guess I survived yesterday. It was a LONG and tiring but we ALL MADE it through.

Everyone always ask me how do I prep all my veggies and fruits…do I wash them or leave them the way they are and wash when I eat them?? Well, I usually WASH everything except for SOME of the BERRIES!!! The only berries that I don’t wash are the BLACKBERRY and the RASPBERRY. I do wash the strawberries but I let them DRY COMPLETELY before I would pack them in the containers. I also wash my fruits and veggies with a little apple cider. Usually when I get home from the grocery store…depending on what fruits and veggies I buy..I would FILL a sink up with water and put like 2-3 cap full (about 1-2 tablespoon) of apple cider vinegar and throw in my fruits and veggies. I would do one for fruits then after I would rinse off and lay them out on a dish towel and then do the other. I DON’T wash my spring mix salad though…until I am ready to eat. I do this for my romaine lettuce. I think the key to keeping the fruits and veggies last longer is MAKE SURE they are COMPLETELY DRY when you are about to put into the containers.



If you are using the sharpie marker for the containers…my TIP is to write on the containers before you put the items inside especially if the items is COLD ..for some reason since its a water base ….the cold cause condensation and cause the sharpie ink to RUN and can cause a huge mess if you accidentally touch them. When you write on them before filling them ….in my opinion …it actually DRY FASTER too.


Map these are a few TIPS for today!! Happy TUESDAY everyone!!

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