Tuesday Tip is make sure every ITEM in your HOUSE  has a HOME/PLACE. I tell my kids this every single day. I try to have a place for everything in my house so that when the kids or my husband asked where something is…I know exactly where it is located and tell them to put it BACK in the same place so everyone KNOWS where it is NEXT TIME when they need it. That goes for every day items too. I buy alot of storage containers to CONTAIN all the kids items. I try to buy things that will last me and can be use in different areas of the house…like these under the sink drawers. I have them in my master bath and under the kitchen sink.  I like these because they are durable yet…won’t break the bank. Here are some of my storage containers.

The SHELF that I use under my BATHROOM SINK is HERE


The kids each have a basket for their school paperwork. At the end of the school year…they clean it out and throw away whatever they don’t want or need. Helps retain all the paper clutter.


All my kids school supplies in one area….so they know to go here to grab what they need..for during homework or what they need at school.


The SHARPIE marker that I used to write on these plastic container is HERE



Happy SUMMER to you if your summer vacation just started like ours!!



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