I love LIFE’S little hack…today I have one that I absolutely LOVE and thankful that KNOW of!! I use alot of brown sugar…to BAKE, cook, and use in most of my seasonings. Before, every time I open up my container of brown sugar…its as HARD AS A ROCK..then I ended up throwing them away. Many times I have to pour water in the jar to break up the sugar before I can dump it out. Even when I double bag the brown sugar or put the whole bag into another airtight container…it always harden up on me. Thanks to one of my friend that told me about it…she had came over to bake with me and when we got to the brown sugar..it had harden up..even when I just bought the box a couple of days ago. I always …dump out the content and place all my food items into a glass containers. So she told me about placing a piece of bread in the container. The piece of bread will keep the brown sugar moist!! AND the BEST PART is the bread doesn’t get MOLDY!! I just change out the bread when I replenish the BROWN SUGAR.

So, HERE IS your TUESDAY TIP: Keep a piece of bread in your brown sugar container or bag. This helps keep the brown sugar from getting hard.

You don’t have to use a SPECIAL piece of bread or anything…I honestly ALWAYS use the END PIECE because none of my KIDS like the END PIECE and it always GOES to waste!! Now you have a use for them!!!


So the next time you buy BROWN SUGAR…remember to put a piece of bread in the container or bag!! Helps the brown sugar LAST LONGER!! Now thats your TUESDAY TIP for this week!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

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