I don’t think there is an appliance in my house that I use more than my AIR FRYER!! I use it at least once a day. I much rather my kids use the air fryer than the microwave. I think its because my microwave is up high and when the kids open the microwave and take the plate out…I am always scared the food might drop on them. I guess if my microwave was a little lower than I won’t be as scared. My air fryer is on my island and so its their level and they can warm up pizza and etc in there. That being said…my kids new favorite snack after school is TEXAS TOAST pizza…sounds crazy but they LOVE IT!!! Its also gives it that crunchy crust and its thick …making it taste very much like a hand toss pizza.


1 piece of TEXAS TOAST
4 piece of pepperoni
1/4 cup mozzarella cheese


With a little butter knife or spreader…spread a little butter on 1 side (that is the side that you put down on the bottom) then add the cheese and  pepperoni slices to the other side –the side that is facing up. Turn the heat setting to 350 for about 4 minutes. You can find the air fryer that I have HERE

Serve immediately.




Its not the prettiest snack but its quick and yummy


***If you want to make extra and store in refrigerator…wrap in parchment paper and just toss back in air fryer when you are ready to eat. Warm up for about 2-3 minutes @ 300 degree.



SIDE NOTE you can use any toppings that you like..bacon bits or Canadian Ham or sausage (just make sure it is cooked). I have made it with some mushroom and bell pepper and pepperoni before. The Texas Toast holds up really well because the slice of bread is SO THICK!!

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