Today was not a pretty day to be running around town but this did not stop us at all. We went to mass then we went to BRUNCH at Cafe Navarre…its this little cute place by our house.


Outside of the building


The outside of the restaurant


Our spread..egg benedict, kids cheeseburger, combination breakfast, kids fried shrimp


Egg Cochon..pull pork on an egg benedict


Grits were served with the egg benedict


After BRUNCH we ran to the mall for BIRTHDAY girls gift. Of course we had to hit the DISNEY store. I love how the store went to a RECYCLE bag store!!! But so many times I forget to bring my bag …then I ended up buying another bag from them….I think I must have 10 DISNEY store bags LOL

After some shopping…we got hungry again and HIT up Creamistry for some ICECREAM. My kids love their icecream. If you don’t have a CREAMISTRY in your area..what it is ..they make icecream using nitrogen gas. I find that the icecream doesn’t melt as fast. The icecream is very good…but it can GET a little pricey…especially if you decided to add on all the TOPPINGS!! Their icecream starts at $6.95 for a regular size!!!


Outside Sign




Closer look at the menu


The inside where they make the icecream


NitroDOLE $6.95


Strawberry Bond $6.95


Fruity Pebbles


We came home and I went grocery shopping and I prep for this weeks MEAL. See you tomorrow for MONDAY’s Meal Planning. Come back tomorrow to see what we will be eating…and what I am planning on packing for the kids SCHOOL lunches this week. I don’t have much lunches to pack but I have LOTS of party food for the week. I will be making lunch for the teachers at the kids I am making chicken lo-mein and white chocolate bread pudding on MONDAY!! So …keep an eye out for these yummy recipe!! Then on Wednesday…I am making another dish to serve over 60 kids for my son’s SOCK HOP at school!!

And that’s a wrap for another successful BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a GREAT sunday!!



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