SUMMER is FINALLY in FULL BLOWN at our HOUSE…and I wanted to share some of my outdoor items and things that we do!!

We use these inflatable buffet cooler for most of our outdoor parties. We blow it up and FILL it with ICE then we just put everything on top that needs to be kept cool or cold. The kids don’t have to keep opening the ice chest up….I am usually scared of the ice chest lid slamming into those little hands. This way the drinks or snacks is accessible for them. Plus its a cute and FUN way to display the food/drinks. You can get your HERE!!


If you have lots of little ones over …you can have them play with shaving cream. At my daughters end of year party. We got a few cans of shaving cream and they sprayed it all over and just played in it. The kids had so much FUN. And clean up is easy…just sprayed them down with a hose…or they can use the water gun to spray at each other and the shaving cream comes right off. We also had this GIANT purple GORILLA that spray water. There are so many outdoor FUN ACTIVITIES for the little ones to play with WHEN they don’t have a POOL.

Shaving Cream


Shaving Cream fun


Water gun…just fill up a HUGE bucket and let them shoot water at each other..make sure to tell them to shoot below the head!!


Inflatable sprinkler are SUPER FUN!! I can’t LINK this purple gorilla but they have so many DIFFERENT one that I can LINK. Like this HUGE DINOSAUR or this BEAUTIFUL UNICORN and this GIANT BALL or this HUGE PALM TREE . These are perfect when the kids don’t have a water slide or pool. These are great for outdoor parties during the summer for the kids to RUN AROUND.

Purple Gorilla that shoot out water.


Great SUMMER snacks for our house is usually ICE CREAM, Popsicle, and WATERMELON!! I always have my FREEZER LOADED up with TONS of different variety of ice cream.


We have this ice chest that we keep outside and fill it with ice and drinks during the summer. Its great to have like a refrigerator or ice chest near the pool or outdoor so that you can grab drinks easily..Always remember to stay hydrated!!

You can find them HERE

We keep kids and adult drinks in here. Its on wheels so you can move it around with ease.


When you are in the pool or playing some kind of water activities..you need something to protect your phones..I like to my phone to always be with me …so I always use these. You can click HERE to order them. We have 6 of these…I have them for guest also when they are in my pool 😉


We will be heading to DISNEY this week and I am not such a huge FAN of going to DISNEY in the SUMMER HOT MONTHS but this is our last trip this year to DISNEY ..we only been 3 times this year so far. LOL So, we wanted to squeeze in one more trip..and the KIDS wanted to go to the water PARKS. Even though we are going to the water parks during the  day time and the DISNEY parks late in the evening…it is still HOT so I got us all these little hand held FAN!! These are AWESOME because you can use your POWDER CHARGER to charge them up!! These are LIGHT WEIGHT and you can hang it around your neck when you aren’t using them. You can FIND THESE HERE!!!



When you are outside playing in the pool or outdoor activities..usually you get HUNGRY really fast. My go to is usually sandwiches, chips, ice cream, or watermelon. Anything that is easy to make and easy to eat with no FUSS.


Pizza on a French Bread




Subs, watermelon, carrots, and chips. Putting everything on a platter is super fun and easy to grab




Watermelon…leaving the outside so the kids can hold onto while they eat


Sandwiches charcuterie


sweet hawaiian sandwiches, pickles, olives, chips


Our summer is usually spent OUTSIDE in the pool or we go to the BEACH. When we are at home..we spend 75% of our time in the pool whether its just us 6 or having a little get together. The other 25% we are at the zoo, aquarium, bookstore, or MOVIE THEATER.  Our SUMMER MEALS mainly consist of SANDWICHES and ICE CREAM LOL 😉

I hope you guys have a GREAT SUMMER!! 

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