This year for my BIRTHDAY…I wasn’t planning on going eat out because my husband was working and the kids had school…but then my husband got off early and the kids had finished all their homework. So…I called around and Ruth Chris had an available table for a party of 6 for 7:15pm. So we hurried and got all dressed up and ran out the house. I have always LOVED Ruth Chris. I have to admit that out of all the steak house places that I have been to…Ruth Chris is my absolute FAVORITE.






On the table they left me this:


We got seated and they brought us these delicious HOT BREAD.


They had a kids menu that was very impressive. My kids all had the 6oz filet with sides…3 of them wanted mashed potato and my youngest had broccoli with her filet. The kids menu was only $13.95.

Filet with mash potato


Vanilla ice cream for the kids meal.


Chocolate ice cream ..dessert for the kids meal



We ordered the crab cake ($21.00) for appetizer.


Ted and I ordered the Ruth’s classic which consist of a starter..salad or soup then the entree, sides and desserts.  I had the 6oz filet with shrimp for $46.95 and Ted had the 6oz filet with cold water lobster tail for $59.95. We both had the gumbo which we had to pay out an additional $2.00 each.

***I  love it that the plate is sizzling hot so that my filet and shrimp is still hot to the last bite.



Ted filet and lobster tail


My filet and shrimp

****Since it was my birthday…they gave me a complimentary dessert which was a lemon tart with whip cream.

Complimentary dessert


Since I was getting a birthday dessert…we decided to pack our dessert home…we upgraded from a lemon & walnut cheesecake to their traditional cheesecake with fresh blueberry.

Cheesecake with blueberry sauce…we took home our dessert…up charge of $4.00 each.


The food was excellent and the services was amazing!!! Definitely a MUST try place if you haven’t been.



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