It has been AWHILE that we went to a PUMPKIN patch. I don’t think I have been in the last few years. We used to go to a smaller one in Montz Louisiana…but this year …I wanted to take the kids to this one…because I heard so many great things abut it. Mrs Heather Pumpkin Patch is in Hammond Louisiana…which is about 1 hr drive from our house. We decided to go this weekend because the kids swimming just ended and this past weekend we didn’t have as much going on…except for Cross Country.

The price to get in was $8.00 per kid…adult were FREE unless..ADULT without KIDS have to pay $8.00. The price include game and a little pumpkin for each of the paying kid. You can bring your drinks and PICNIC. They are open from 9:00-4:00 pm Monday thru Sunday. From September 23-November 8, 2019.


My 4 FAVORITE lil pumpkin



Picking out her pumpkin


I love the size of these pumpkins


LOTS of photo op area


They had a corn maze


They had a corn maze with signs and numbers for the kids to follow…the signs were from the book Spookley The Square Pumpkin..every corner they had a sign with the story on them. This is ver helpful for the younger kids so they can find their way out of the corn maze.



The web


They had these lil horse that the kids can sit on and bounce around


They made horse out of tires


A bee out of hay


These see saw were cute but kinda scary to get on hahaha


lots of cute items on display


They found their PERFECT pumpkin


They all came home with their own little pumpkin.


And that’s a wrap for OUR FIRST family pumpkin patch together 😉 I think I will try to make this a tradition from now on. Next year I will know to pack a wagon and some drinks and snacks. This year the weather was still very hot when we went. We were hoping it was a little cooler.

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