This is one treat that I can make with my eyes CLOSE!!! LOL 🙂 By far this is one of the EASIEST Halloween treat that you can make and its so cute!!! Everything that you need …you probably already have in your pantry…except maybe the edible eyeballs…but you can use chocolate chips or mini M&M for that. You can whip this up in no time…and the kids will love it.  You can put a little spin on it and used other items for the eyes and legs…you can color coordinate the colors of the eyes with the legs…by using red mini M&M and red licorice 🙂



1 package of DOUBLE STUFF OREO
Pretzel Sticks
Edible eyes


**** for the EYES…you can use mini M&M, white chocolate morsels, or Reeses Pieces if you can’t find edible eyeballs

****for the LEGS you can use licorice instead of pretzels sticks



Open up each Oreo (I used the double stuff because the cream part is thicker…making it easier for the pretzels to fit).

Place 4 pretzel sticks as legs on each side of the Oreo into the filling.

Replace the cookie on top again.

Taking the frosting container…peel off the top and the labels and stick in the microwave for 30 seconds. Next, pour the frosting into a piping bag or ziploc bag (snipe a little hole in the corner of the bag). With frosting piped through a plastic bag put two dots for eyes and place the EDIBLE EYES on top of the OREO cookies.



SIDE NOTE: I only put 6 legs on because I didn’t have enough to put 8 legs.

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