I remember a few years ago when one of my kids had to bring in a snack to school because it was her snack day that month…and it was near Halloween and she wanted to bring brownies. I am the kind of mom that always like to make their snack day…kinda fun and be different. So…I google everything I can to do and make for her snack and since she wanted brownies…I made these for her class to bring and THEY LOVED it!!!!  At my kids school..the teachers like for us to bring 2 snacks…1 sweet and 1 salty…which is such a great idea…because not all kids like sweet snacks…and it gives them an option. These little ones eat lunch so early that by the time snack comes around …they are usually STARVING!!! And I love to make something that the is FUN for them. I usually try to go with a theme…for example: something for that particular holiday that is coming up …or like my PreKs they are on letters…so I try to buy or make something that starts with that particular letter that they are on that week.

If you have little ones and they are having a Halloween party or snack day…these will be a BIG HIT with them and their classmates. To make them easy to transport and easy to handle…put them in Halloween design cupcake liners.



1 box of Brownies Mix (make according to package)
1 can of  vanilla or cream cheese frosting (any white frosting)
edible eyeball



Cut brownies into rectangle (2×3 in) space. Open the can of frosting and PEEL off the foil and paper around the container. Put frosting container  in microwave for about 30 seconds. Pour the warm frosting (I microwave it so its easy to pour)  into a ziploc bag and snipe a TINY hole on the side of the bag.  Pipe  a little frosting on the edible eyes (so it will stick to the brownies) and stick it onto the brownies. Next, pipe the frosting over brownies…going back and forth…its ok to go over a little bit of the eyes.

You can serve the brownies on a Halloween cupcake liners ….it makes it easier to handle.


Brownies cut into rectangular shape and edible eyeballs










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