A few years ago…I made these cookies for a function ..when we were doing an ELMO theme…but we used different things. I figure these would be great to make for Halloween. When you are making the chocolate chips cookies..try to make close to the same size as possible. I think the key is to use a mini ice cream scoop…or if you are rolling it into a ball..then definitely use a FOOD SCALE. When the cookies are the same makes it so much easier to pair up with each other. You can use other items as the fangs/teeth. You can break a piece of pretzels sticks and use that as the fangs/teeth…or you can cut some pieces of marshmallows into triangular shape.  You can also change up the edible eyes…to different color eyes…they have so many scary edible eyes. Last but not least…you can also use vanilla frosting and put the different color food color …like green, orange, red or etc. These can be so much fun to make with the kids…let them created their own monsters!!!


Chocolate Chips Cookies
Chocolate Frosting
JUMBO Edible Eyeballs
Candy Corn




  1. Try to match 2 cookie size together. Put the first cookie face down. Pipe on some chocolate frosting on top of the face down cookie, making it thicker on one side. Place top cookie on top of the chocolate frosting and press down on only one side to give the illusion of an open mouth.
  2. Dab some chocolate frosting on top to make your edible eyes stick.
  3. Using 2 candy corn as the teeth/fangs…you can be creative with the teeth.
  4. Store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight …store in a cool place.





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