Mondays Meal Planning

This weekend we are having our FALL FESTIVAL and so….it will be crazy crazy. Since I was off today..I decided to get everything done and PREP. I even have all of my cakes/baking all ready. I have to bake 3 cakes for the Fall Festival this weekend.

This is just a tentatively meal plan..things do happen and I do switch up some days..that s why I only meal prep for 5 days.

MONDAY —– Roast Beef in a CROCKPOT serve with Spanish Rice

TUESDAY —– Pull Pork Tacos (soft and hard )

WEDNESDAY —  FRIED Asian chicken wings

THURSDAY —- Curry Chicken with potato/carrot with Jasmine Rice

FRIDAY — Baked Chicken with veggies

I have all my proteins marinaded and most of my veggies cut up.  By doing this…on the day of…it probably will take me about 30 minutes to make dinner. Most of this weeks dinner is actually in the crockpot or ONE PAN MEAL.


Roast Beef is Whats for Dinner


Roast Beef in a crockpot


Pull Pork in the making


Apple Cider Vinegar, brown sugar, basil leaf, paprika, black pepper


Chicken Wing


Chicken Wing marinade


Korean Beef marinade


Carrot all washed and cut up


Hope you have a wonderful week 😉 

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