These little guys are super easy to MAKE and they taste delicious. The combo of sweet and salty…yummy.  I find that during HALLOWEEN…there is so MANY TREATS that you can make…I am loving it!!! Not sure how my family feels about it by NOW. I think they are kinda OVER the sweet treats 😉 . I think they will be GOOD for another YEAR without seeing any more SPIDERS, MUMMY or GHOST for awhile LOL

****These little critters only took 2 steps!!! You can make it a little more fun by adding sprinkles to the top of the spiders head!!


Mini Chocolate Donuts
Edible eyeballs
Chocolate frosting




Start by breaking the pretzel into pieces, you will use 2/3 of each pretzel. The donuts are mini so I only got to stick 3 legs per side.

Using a small dab of chocolate frosting add  the edible eyes to the donut.






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