Happy Monday my friends!! I am not sure about you guys but my weekend SEEMS to get crazy busy as the SUMMER approach!! With First Communions and ALL these GRADUATIONS!!! I have a little one graduating from Kindergarten then cousins from high school and colleges…seems like our weekend are FILLED with eating, celebrating, and MORE EATING!!! I think all I do is jump from one function to the NEXT. Its like an EAT and run….Its so much fun but can be so exhausting!!! This weekend I had …2 first communion function and some other functions that we had ….which MADE my SUNDAY MEAL PREP started at 7:30 pm!!! Thank goodness that I really DIDN’T HAVE much BIG MEALS to prep since the kids have so many things going that we will be eating many things on the RUN!!! I have 1 field trip and then a concert this week..and then MOTHER’S DAY…so I really have to ACTUALLY cook 3 days this week!! WoooooHooooo!!! I do have some EASY and SIMPLE recipes for the kids this week snack and breakfast!! Keep an EYE out for some easy PIZZA made with TEXAS TOAST and some breakfast dishes that can be prepared the night before and just THROWN into the OVEN in the morning.

This week consist of LOTS of VEGGIES and FRUITS!!! Items not pictures are many FROZEN VEGGIES…broccoli (throw into the microwave as a SIDE DISH for dinner) and edamame (that I can throw into the microwave and serve as a quick after school snacks).

My refrigerator all PREP for the week. I have all my PROTEINS marinated …this week I only have 2 protein marinated. I have 4 dish that I am making this week that doesn’t require the protein to be marinate.


MONDAY:  Breakfast– yogurt parfaits DINNER–Homemade PIZZA
TUESDAY: Breakfast– ham and cheese baked in a BUNDT pan DINNER–Vermicelli Bowl with Korean Beef and Pork chops (picture of marinate on the bottom).
WEDNESDAY: Breakfast– yogurt parfaits and boiled eggs DINNER– Asian CREPE (Banh Xeo)
THURSDAY: Breakfast–Bacon and eggs  DINNER– Spring Roll with boiled shrimp and pork.
FRIDAY: Breakfast–breakfast burritos DINNER– Grilled Chicken Breast with Steam Broccoli
SATURDAY: Breakfast (going out for dinner)
SUNDAY: breakfast (going out for dinner)

I wash my strawberries and LAY them out on a BIG KITCHEN towel. Once it is all dry I put them into my OXO GOOD GRIP containers. I do lay a paper towel on the bottom even though they are dry when I put them in…they do get some condensation ….so to prevent them from being rotten and to keep them fresh longer…I lay 1 paper towel on top and 1 on the bottom.

Next, I wash my mini cucumber and let them dry also… then lay them into the containers ….I lay these a little different..I lay 1 role then I place a paper towel between each role.

Cherry tomato ….I just give it a quick rinse and allow them to dry also.

SALADS …I take them out the plastic containers and put them into my  LARGE green saver containers. They KEEP for weeks in this container!! I have 4 that I use and LOVE THEM!!!  I also cut up my green beans and put them in one of these containers also. They come with a basket inside …so I would WASH and cut the green beans and let it sit out to dry then stick in the refrigerator. You can see those containers HERE and HERE

The PEN that I used to write on these containers can be brought HERE




Lots of strawberry because this weeks BREAKFAST consist of LOTS of YOGURT parfaits.


Strawberry that I cut up for our yogurt and blueberries


Ziploc CONTAINER you can click HERE

My lunch that I packed for work. So all I have to do is GRAB the the cut up strawberries and the granola that I already separated into the little ZIPLOC containers.


Great FAST and QUICK school lunch


PORK CHOPS–marinated


Short Ribs that I used to make my Korean BEEF



I used a jar marinate for my Korean Beef marinate



SALADS is always great for a quick dinner idea. I usually make 1 protein dish and serve with a HUGE SALAD with all the fixing.



Feta Cheese (add it last right before you toss in  the dressing)

***I love this salad with BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE.





****I have a little FUNCTION this week and was asked to bring a dish…I love bringing a finger food DISH to any get together that I am invited to.

Crab Rangoon for one of the functions that I am having. So, this is my dish for the potluck. These crab rangoon is very easy to transports and get as a finger food for get together.




This week menu consist ALOT of SHRIMPS dishes for DINNER!! A few months ago I had bought almost 40 pounds of shrimp from this friend of mine that owns a boat. What I did was peel and de-vein them and package them individually and NOW that SUMMER is approaching ..I need to get rid of some items so I can have FREEZER SPACE for ICE CREAM!!!  We go through so MUCH ICE CREAM during the summer because the kids HANG out by the POOL EVERY single DAY!!! And many times they have TONS of friends over. So…for the next couple of WEEKS I will be PREPARING my house for the SUMMER. None of my kids EVER go to CAMP in the summer. So…you KNOW when kids are HOME…they EAT 24/7!! Which means that my refrigerator and FREEZER is always WELL STOCK!! Very sad to say but during these summers months…I stock up on LOTS of FROZEN foods and quick MEALS!!! And we GRILL ALOT!!!!! Lots of BBQ chicken, HAMBURGERS, and HOTDOGS!!! Lots of sandwiches!!! Anything that can be EATEN POOL side!! So stay tune….I will show you my PROGRESS and HOW I organize my FREEZER and PANTRY to be SUMMER READY !!!

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