Gosh, JULY is such a busy month with all these BIRTHDAY!! I think I know of at least 20 people who have BIRTHDAY is JULY..including my FAVORITE guy…my husband. This year we didn’t celebrate it as big as LAST YEAR. Last year he MADE 50!! So, this year he just wanted something LOW KEY haha We actually started out the day at my niece house for my GREAT nephew’s 1st birthday. The cake and treats were delicious…and the AMAZING SPREAD of FOOD…DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Just some of the picts from the Birthday party.


Dessert table


The BEAUTIFUL and yummy CAKE!!


mini burgers


These corn are amazing!!


Fried Rice

After we left my great nephews birthday party…we head down to Biloxi, Mississippi to meet up with my SIL for dinner at one of the casino. She loves Treasure Bay Casino for their seafood buffet.  It was my husband birthday today but tomorrow was gonna be my SIL birthday too…so she wanted to celebrate it with us. So, we drove about 1.5hrs to meet up with her. The drive was very nice because we drove pass the beach in GULFPORT Mississippi. The beach isn’t as clean and clear as beaches in Florida. Honestly, I have never been ON THE BEACH IN MISSISSIPPI..so I don’t really know much about it. When we passed by..I think I only saw a couple of people out but not in the waters. Also..I think they have a warning currently about algae in the Mississippi beaches.

To be honest, we aren’t really a buffet person…I find that buffet is just so much food that I get so overwhelmed…I like to go to restaurant and just order off the menu…to be honest. I also find that with BUFFET..my kids WASTE so much food. The only thing that was good at this buffet is the snow crab. The icecream was pretty good too..hahaha

snow crab galore/they were kinda salty


Icecream was good


And that’s a WRAP for our busy SUNDAY. I am hoping that this coming week isn’t as chaotic 😉



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