Ok I love OCTOBER!! Maybe BECAUSE  I know that the weather will  GET cooler OR the start of all my favorite holidays!!


I also LOVE the colors of FALL!! Those are my favorite color scheme!!

Even though it’s October the weather here still feels like it’s SUMMER!!

Today weather in New Orleans


Praying that a COLD FRONT will come soon!!


I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago and O so wanted to buy some pumpkins to decorate my house but for some reason …I couldn’t bring myself to buying them … GUESS WITH it being so HOT!! I am also scared that my pumpkins outside will NOT LAST until Thanksgiving!!


Something about white pumpkins !! I love love white pumpkins!! I love this rustic LOOK!!


How do you decorate your house for the FALL?? Have you started yet?? Today, I stopped by Trader Joe to grab a few pumpkin to decorate my front porch…I wanted to grab some mums too….but I only grabbed the pumpkins since I wasn’t heading straight home…and didn’t wanted the flowers to die in the HEAT!!! 


I grabbed 4 of these huge orange pumpkins for $2.99 each!!



I love these but my lil gal didn’t so I grab the plain BIG one for $5.99


I bought 1 can of this because I heard it was very good


A friend of mine had these and said they were delicious…I am not a big fan of maple pecan ..but I probably buy a box next time …just to try


I had to RESTOCK on these…we finished the ones that we bought last week


I got a few boxes of these last year…they are delicious


I love these with brie cheese


I saw these today but I couldn’t grab them bc I wasn’t heading straight home…I had to pick up the kids at swimming practice


These are good…not very over powering


We picked up a box of these and my little gal ate almost the whole box by herself


This is so good…they also sell them in the Kcup


These look so interesting but my husband just bought a HUGE box from the boys scout…I might have to pick up one just to try out


We did this last year …so I didn’t want to pick up another kit


These are so cute!! They are kinda like OREO but I find that the filling isn’t as sweet


And that’s a WRAP for October 1!! What did you do today ??? Come back tomorrow for a pumpkin muffin recipe with cream cheese frosting 😉





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