HAPPY OCTOBER!!! This month I have decided that I will do something fun and a little different…I will BLOG everyday about something Halloween or FALL!!! I will give you some ideas on decorating….Halloween treat ideas..or HALLOWEEN recipes! Whatever it is….you will get 31 days of HALLOWEEN related blog.



I don’t know about you…but I am so ready for the cool weather. I LOVE cool seasons clothes!!  I am starting to do some decoration around the house today so I will be posting some pictures of what I have done. The SAD thing is …I am constantly changing and rearranging my decorations…so…please bare with me. I went to the store  (Trader Joe’s) today in hope of finding some white pumpkins…but they didn’t have any!! I went 2 weeks ago and they had TONS!! I knew i should have grabbed some then. I was currently working on my dining table decor but took a little  break from it because…..I hit a WAL!! So, I will continue later or tomorrow when I can come up with some more ideas.  Its kinda BLAH now….I show you what I have so far……I missing some greenery and fillers…which I will pick up this week.

I went to Trader Joe’s this morning and its the only place that I ever saw that has a “Haunted House” cookie kit.


Trader Joe’s has the cutest things:


This little kit is so cute!!


STAY TUNE for more fun things and RECIPES!!!

HAPPY OCTOBER!! Now if only the weather would cooperate LOL

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