Happy Mothers Day !!!


I hope everyone had a great MOTHER DAY!! We started out today by going to church then I took the kids to a local restaurant Chateau Cafe for brunch.  This place is small but the food is delicious and so well priced. Three kid had chicken tenders and french fries..and my Chloe had fried shrimp with french fries…and 2 ordered of grits LOL and I had the Elvis Breakfast which is HUGE!! Their ice tea is so good.


Next, we went to visit my parents at the cemetery. Seems like this year was harder then last 🙁


Then I took the kids to Michael’s because they had a coupon of 30% of ALL REGULAR items. So, my oldest took advantage of the sale and LOAD up on her paints. The sale they had yesterday was a REALLY GOOD one…they had a great sale on HAPPY PLANNER..which was 40% off all planner and accessories and additional 20% off of EVERYTHING including sales!!!  I got some meal planning inserts for my planner..which is a dry board…so I LOVE IT!!

Eraser Board meal planning for the week!! AMAZING….I grabbed 2!! 😉


My kids school always have the student make something special for us and every year I look forward to their little gifts. I got a heart made out of clay then their finger print is on it <3 <3


HOW adorable is this??


I LOVE these…26 years old…HA!! I LOVE THIS GIRL so much <3


For DINNER …we had homemade pizza…I got the pizza dough from TRADER JOE’S…they are the BEST PIZZA ever!! I always get the herb crust ones!! I made a pizza bar and everyone just made their own.





We ended the night with some icecream!!

RIght before I hop into BED….I threw this into the crockpot…so the kids can have this for school lunch tomorrow!! I will post recipe tomorrow!! So STAY TUNE!!



Have an a AWESOME DAY!!

I will be back tomorrow …going to enjoy my day with my 4 lil ones.

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