Gosh ….can you believe it already July 6??? Seems like JUNE just flew on by. I DON’T EVEN WANT to think about NEXT SCHOOL YEAR …but its right around the corner. Honestly, we haven’t done anything from the kids summer list yet. All these books they need to read and PACKET that needs to be done…GUESS…we start on them next week…HA!!! Today, was one of those day that was a go go go kind of day. We started our SATURDAY morning with some DONUTS!!! My sister brought some over in the am…before she headed to work…because her daughter just came back from a 15 day school trip to New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji..and when they landed this morning..her friends parents just dropped her off at my house. My sister had to work today …so my niece stayed here until her mom gets off at noon.


After lunch the kids had some friends over for swimming so I made my sweet and savory meatball to go with some Hawaiian Bun. I threw together a little sandwich charcuterie board for them to munch on. I love PUTTING together a little charcuterie board because it just makes carrying the food around so much easier. Clean up is FAST and easy!! And you can throw anything on the board….and it LOOKS GOOD 😉

RECIPE for the sweet savory meatball


1 bag (32 oz) of precooked meatball

2 jar (24 oz)  tomato basil marinara sauce

1/2 cup strawberry jam

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon onion powder

1/2 teaspoon season salt (I used Tony’s Chachere)

DIRECTION: Put everything in a CROCKPOT and set for 4hr on LOW. Serve with Sweet Hawaiian Bread. Can sprinkle some parmesan cheese over (optional)


Sweet and Savory Meatball in a crockpot


I made mini meatball subs with sweet hawaiian bread. Added some nacho and chips


You can also serve these meatball with butter pasta


We had plans for dinner with my sister and niece at Panda King for HOT POT. We love eating HOT POT because the kids can cook their own food. The restaurant also serve a CHINESE BUFFET and DIM SUM too…but I only been here for HOT POT or WEDDING RECEPTION. A long time ago…I went here for Dim Sum…but honestly…I don’t remember it at all. They give you a few choice of BROTH..the kids usually get plan beef broth and I usually get the SPICY TOM YUM broth. They also have a condiment/dipping bar..where you get all your dipping sauces or extra sauce to put inside your broth. You order your proteins from a menu and the rest of the items are wheeled on a cart…like your veggies, noodles, and some sides …like potsticker, quail eggs, imitation crabmeat, and some clams and mussels.




Clams, imitation crabmeat, and mussels




Noodles, Eggs, Corn, Quail Eggs


Individual broth


Our table 😉


The thinly sliced meat


After dinner we ran down the street for some ICECREAM at our favorite place….Haagen Dazs 


with my littles


my favorite flavor …dulce de leche


And thats a wrap for our SATURDAY …it has been a busy JULY 4th weekend for us….hopefully, thing slow down a little bit….so we can get started on some summer reading and school packet done this coming week 😉


What are your PLANS for the rest of the SUMMER??? 




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