Today is my nieces bday so we went to Gyu Kaku which is a Japanese restaurant but they serve those hot grill similar to  the Korean BBQ grill place where you cook your own meat/meal over this flaming charcoal grill. You pick out your meats and vegetables and you cook the food in front of you and cook as you eat. I like this concept because the food is usually hot and you cook it according to your liking. The restaurant is located on Layette St (near Magazine) in New Orleans. Only downfall of the restaurant is the PARKING!! 


We got there early so we waited in the bar area. 


waiting at the bar


This is how we wait


my lil gal loves the salad ..simple but very tasteful


Here COMES a ton of PICTURES 😉 

special skirt steak


chuck rib




fried calamari


crab rangoon




appetizer –chicken wings






This is how it looks like when its loaded







So if you are looking for a place to eat as a FAMILY style and have fun while doing it…go to Gyu -Kaku. The food is delicious and the kids would LOVE the fun experiences!!!  


Great for kids

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