I surely wish today was FRIDAY!! Even though this week is a short week…it seems to be DRAGGING by!! I had one of those super busy work week…I think that is why …this week was DRAGGING!! This week …my menu planning was SUPER EASY because during our Labor Day trip to Houston…I bought TONS of food to take home. Like sandwiches (banh mi), 85degree bakery, and color rice (xoi)..so we were pretty much set for a few days. I wanted to get some FOOD to bring home so I can take my time going to the grocery store.


85 degree PASTRY


Last week for my ANNIVERSARY …I asked for a new refrigerator. I haven’t really got a chance to meal prep this week because I had gotten so much already MADE FOOD from Houston, Texas. But,  NEXT WEEK…I will be meal prepping because I am taking a GIRLS TRIP and have to get my refrigerator ready for the HUBBY to feed the kids and PACK them lunch.


This week MEAL PREP..nothing very special because I didn’t to a FULL GROCERY HAUL.



My local grocery store had some salmon filet on sale for $6.99 a pound…with skin on…so I bought a couple of POUNDS and just season with some of the salmon seasoning that I had and threw them on my ALL-CLAD grill pan.


This is the seasoning that I used. I got it from William Sonoma


You can also use this one…I think this one would be delicious!!



You can pick up these from your local grocery store or from AMAZON. You can CLICK HERE




1 lb salmon (cut into 2-3inch filet)

1 tablespoon salmon seasoning (of your choice)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon cracked black pepper

olive oil




Cut the salmon into 2-3 inch filet. Rub a little olive oil all over each piece of salmon. Next, generously season each salmon filet. In a non-stick grill pan ….CLICK HERE for one similar to mine. Add a little oil to the pan and turn heat to medium HIGH and with a pair of TONGS and a spatular…gently place each salmon filet into the hot pan…leave the SALMON filet alone for a few minutes. Once you see the skin pull up from the sides…gently, flip each filet. Cook for another 2-5 minutes. I like my salmon a little rare inside…I DON’T LIKE my SALMON OVERCOOKED. I like the skin to be CRISPY…so I usually leave the skin side cooking a little LONGER.  Gently, remove each piece of salmon filet from the pan. I usually USE BOTH.. a pair of TONGS and a spatular to remove the salmon. ENJOY!!

You can serve it on top of a bed of Caesar Salad or with some white rice. Tonight, we had it with some RAINBOW cauliflower from Trader Joe’s and some MUSHROOM risotto. It was simply but so goooood!!!


I cut each piece to 2-3 inch pieces


Lay the SKIN SIDE down FIRST.


I serve it with some lime slices.


Salmon served with mushroom risotto, rainbow cauliflower, and saute spinach


Saute spinach with some garlic


Rainbow cauliflower









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