Gin Korean BBQ

In New Orleans there isn’t much Korean Restaurant…Gin is one of the newer Korean Restaurant that just opened. The restaurant took the place of an old night club…so they have a lot parking. The restaurant is a pretty spacious inside and they also have this room to the side that can fit a large party of 20 people or so. Inside they also have these 4 tables that can sit about 10 people to a table with 2 burners on each table. I also find that their booth is very spacious too…we can fit 8 to a booth. This is probably my 5th time here since they opened. We usually order from the COMBO MENU. Their menu has a large selection. Tonight we ordered 2 combo #3 and 1 combo #4.


They start off by bringing you these little condiments. I know that it changes because the last few times I was here ..they had different items.

When you order…they bring out these awesome SALAD…taste like a soy sauce sesame dressings…its so so good. Tonight …the waiter told me that when you buy the dinner plan like we did …for example: we bought the plan for 4 people…they used to give you 4 salads and 4 bowls of white rice…well now..they only give you 2 bowls of salads…if you want more …its $1.99 a bowl!!  I was kinda bummed!!! Honestly, salads are not expensive and for them to only give you 2 bowls when you buy a meal for 4 people…is kinda weird.

Fried Tofu $5.99

Hamul Pajeon (seafood pancake) $9.99

We ordered the COMBO for 4 people for $84.99


Thinly sliced Beef BRISKET

So if you want to eat some Korean BBQ…Gin is a good place to eat….not the BEST..but its good.

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