For my lil gal birthday ..I took 2 of her friend to watch Frozen 2. The movie was great!! If you get chance…go see it!! It’s such a CUTE MOVIE and it’s nothing like what I expected it to be. I am so glad the movie came out this week…its the perfect movie for this holiday. And the perfect movie for my lil gal to celebrate her 7th BIRTHDAY!!! 


my gang


After the movie we had pizza and ice cream. Usually I have a big birthday party for my kids birthday but as the years go by….I realized that when I have these BIG PARTY…my kids don’t get to spend time with ALL the FRIENDS that they invite…so for the past couple of years …we decided to do a small birthday party where they get to invite a couple of friends and we do something small and personal. Since my lil girl is only 7 yrs old…I find that they can enjoy sitting in the movies eating popcorn or candy with their friends. Plus, at this age..they don’t eat much…and PIZZA is usually a win win 😉 




Instead of a CAKE…we went to our local ice cream parlor and got them each an ice cream of their choice.  All in all I think my lil gal really had a GREAT 7th BIRTHDAY 😉 





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