Friday’s Favorite #1


Every FRIDAY I will post my LATEST Favorite things that I am loving at the moment. It can be what I been eating, using around the house, reading or watching.

If you have something that is your favorite…please comment below so I can try!!!



This little kitchen appliance is one that I used everyday. I will warm up my left over Popeyes Chicken, Pizza, or po-boys sandwiches.

This is the AIRFRYER that I have.

This summer my daughter had camp for 3 weeks and so I don’t have time to make breakfast for myself so I had to find something to grab and go…I found these wonder protein bar.


We been trying to incorporate more vegetable in our meals so I took out our SPIRALIZER and we have been SPIRALING everything ….its so fun and the kids LOVE IT.


Since its so HOT outside and I don’t want to be in the kitchen for LONG periods of time so this is when I take out my Instant POT.


I ordered this cookbook a few weeks ago and I have been reading it almost every night..I have tried 3 recipes in it so far and LOVE IT!! I went to Las Vegas a few years ago and got some Macaroons from this bakery and it as DEVINE!!! I haven’t tried the macaroon recipe in this cookbook yet…because I am trying to make the easier ones first…LOL. If you are looking for a baking cookbook..make sure to grab this one. Bouchon COOKBOOK

So that’s it for this FRIDAY…Hope you have a great WEEKEND!!!

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