I feel like our days are so busy lately…especially with the holidays approaching. October is where all the craziness begins in our household. Even though we are wrapping  up with the sports and after school activities. We are now entering our school Fall Festival and then Thanksgiving out of town ..which means I have to start Christmas shopping for my in laws by Thanksgiving. So far..I got about 6 present down lol

Today, I only worked a half day which was perfect so I can run to the grocery store and grab some things for the holidays. I also need to get the kids Halloween Costumes. My kids HALLOWEEN costume is all over this year.

I went to Trader Joes last weekend and grab a few items and EVERYTHING I got was so good!!! So, I ended up going back and GRABBING these items!!! They are my FRIDAYS FAVORITE!!!


I think I ate 5 bags of these since Wednesday 😉  On the drive home..I ate a whole bag. Then today while sitting in class I ate another bag lol 

These pretzels are so addictive


These little kiwi berries are super sweet!! I didn’t peel them..I just ate them like grapes. Wash them and pop it into your mouth. I did take out the stems at the top. 

My 2 lil girls love these


Last night for dinner..I sauté some zucchini and oven bake some broccoli and I drizzle some of this oil over and it was SO DELICIOUS!! I ended up snacking on the whole batch of broccoli!! 

These go so well on vegetables or on chicken n pork chops


I only buy these occasionally because I find they are way to sweet for me


 And that’s a wrap for FRIDAYS FAVORITE!! Hope you had a GREAT FRIDAY!! 

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