You don’t know how much I how I was looking forward to this FRIDAY!!! Even though it was a VERY SHORT work and school week…I felt that it was so busy!!! I couldn’t catch my breath. Seems like we got home on Monday and it was go go go go go for us. So…trust me when I say that I am TRULY thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY.

I am a little early for FRIDAY’S FAVORITE but so many of you guys have been asking me about my SHARPIE water base pen that I decided to blog about it a DAY EARLY haha. Can I tell you that I am so thankful that I found this PEN because I was going through so much sticky notes and  Dymo label maker tape…that is was ridiculous. I kept making them …sticking them on…then taking them out to change out what was inside the containers. This Sharpie pen is amazing!!!  You can FIND IT HERE 



OXO 5 1/2 oz GOOD GRIP containers

OXO 30 2/3 oz GOOD GRIP containers 

I think these OXO good grip are phasing out and they are coming out with a new and improve version…but I think if I was gonna get another set…I would BUY THESE because these have GREAT REVIEWS and I think the lids have a better SEAL then the ones that I have. Check them OUT…click HERE!!!

I think I have like 10 of these all around my house. I used them to label my HUGE CONTAINERS for all my HOLIDAY DECOR!! All my glass pantry items. All my MEAL PREPPING containers for my refrigerator and FREEZER!!!


My can goods in my pantry


***Its great for your pantry because you can write all the instructions in the back of the containers and the expirations…then just erase them when you are ready to refill with another item. 

I label the food that I marinate for the week



OXO Good GRIP container 

When I am prepping …I label all the veggies and what I am going to use them for.


They come in white and black.






My other FRIDAY FAVORITES is MAKEUP!! I don’t know about you but I lately I feel that I have to UP my game when it comes to MAKEUP!! I used to be a very minimum make up person…moisture, eyeliner and lipstick…and I was good to GO!!  Now, my skin is showing so much blemish and showing LOTS of wrinkles haha ….I started doing some research and I went out and bought a few items after talking to some makeup artists at the store and experimenting with some different ones…. I think I found my FAVORITE combo!!

I been using these for the past month or so…and I am LOVING THEM. I found these give me great coverages and they hide those blemishes so well…without making me look like I CAKED it on!! I been getting LOTS of complements on my makeup and color. I can’t seem to link these because I got them from ULTA and Sephora.

I was asked to shared what I been using and some of the colors I got.

I put a thin layer of this on first.


I use these blender for EVERYTHING ….I damp it a little with water then squeeze all the water out…then use it to blend in all the concealer and foundations. You can get it the BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE HERE …..they are by far the BEST and its such a GREAT PRICE!!!

After I use them….I would rinse them out and squeeze it dry …then I store it in this HOLDER. 


You can see and BUY  Tarte Shape Tape HERE

Tarte shape tape..color is light neutral


CC Cream 

Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream spf 50…medium

NAR Radiant Longwear Foundation 

NAR natural radiant longwear foundation –color Vienna


PUR 4in1 Press Powder 

PUR 4in1 pressed mineral makeup SPF 15 color-golden medium



BRONZER my last step that I use


Bronzer color —ICON


There you have it…it literally takes me around 15 minutes in the morning.


My last FRIDAY FAVORITE for this week is something I used at least 3 times a week. I used to wash my hair EVERY SINGLE day…until about 1 year ago when my doctor recommended I didn’t because I told her that my hair was falling out so much everytime I showered …so she suggested I used a dry shampoo and JUST wash my hair every other day or so…I have tried many and I do have 2 that I LOVE..this one is the one that I used the most because it doesn’t cost me an arm and leg. I love the LIVING PROOF brand but its over $20.00 for a bottle…so I found this brand and LOVE it just as much and it SMELL DEVINE!! You can get it HERE!! 



So…there you have it!! These are my FRIDAY FAVORITES for this week…come back next week to see what else I am eating or using that are my FAVORITES!!

HAVE a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!!!



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