HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Gosh, I can’t believe that summer is almost over…I am not ready for school to start…I LOVE our LAZY days of summer and no schedule or routine. Since we only have a couple of weeks left of summer ..we are trying to squeeze in as much as possible. We went to the movies this past Tuesday….and the movie we saw…brings us to one of my FRIDAYS FAVORITE.

It is such a GREAT MOVIE…if you don’t like musical then this movie isn’t for you….because the majority of the movie is singing and dancing. Let me know if you see any movie that you love this summer.


My SECOND Friday Favorite is the novel “Crazy Rich Asian” 

You can click on the link or picture and order if you want to read before the movie comes out August 17, 2018. I been seeing the previews and trailer of this movie and I am so excited to see the movie. The novel is pretty funny. I am trying to read the whole trilogy.


My LAST Friday Favorite is the cilantro avocado yogurt dressing …it is so yummy.

Hope you guys have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!! I don’t know about you but my kids only have 2 more weekends left before they start school….I am so not ready for them to go back to school.  So…we are making the MOST of every day…our next 2 weeks are JAM PACK!!


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