HA!! This picture makes me laugh BUT IT IS SO TRUE!! 


Yesterday was OUR LAST day of SCHOOL!! Our SUMMER had officially just begin!! We had award ceremony for the kids at school today and it was OVER by 9:30 am!! Then we were DONE for the school year. woohoo!! I think my KIDS SUMMER actually started last FRIDAY. This week all the kids did in school was clean out their desks or cubby and HAD their END OF YEAR school party!! They have been in summer mode since last week LOL. But in my books….today is OFFICIALLY SUMMER!!! We came home and grab a bit to eat..then the kids just hung out for a bit then WE CLEANED out their backpacks and picked it up for next school. After the awards ceremony they all got a SUMMER PACKAGE…so they looked through that and I ordered what books that needed to be ordered and then WE PLACE all the ASSIGNMENTS in each of their baskets…so that by the end of summer..we wont be scrambling to look for them.

Each of these baskets has their names on them..so they place whatever is needed for next school year in them. Whether its their SUMMER reading list or next years reading assignments. Its all in there. I even place their holiday schedule in there. Basically, anything that pertain to them for next school year. Because before you know it…the school year will start again in a blink of an eye ;(

You can get these baskets at Homegoods. I like these basket because they have lid and can hide all the JUNK and mess haha

After we cleaned out the mess and got things ORGANIZE for next school year. I ran off to meet up with my sisters and friends at this restaurant by my house called The Blue Crab Restaurant and Oyster Bar… it was Happy Hour and they have a great selection on their food menu for Happy Hour. Their raw oysters for .50 cent each and the chargrill was $1.00 each. They have house wine for $3.00 and beer was $1.00. Happy Hour was from 4:30-6:30pm. They also have a band downstairs and its a great place with a view of the Lake. You see all these yachts and boats that go up and down the lake. It was also a beautiful day to sit outside and boat watch 😉

my charbroiled oysters ..its $1.00 each oyster

$5.00 apps

.50 cent each raw oysters

blue crab pasta

buffalo chicken bites

chicken salad

Char-boiled Oyster

what a great way to end the evening with some desserts

creme brulee

For DINNER at home I grilled inside the house using my SMOKELESS indoor grill …you can click HERE to buy it.

I made Chicken Satay with Peanut DIpping Sauce …you can click HERE to grab the recipe!! Its super easy to make and super YUMMY. Its a great recipe for these SUMMER days when you are outside GRILLING and HANGING by the POOL!!

Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

And thats a wrap for our first day of SUMMER!! 

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