WAIT!! Where did OUR SUMMER GO??? I have to admit…I felt like this SUMMER just flew BY!! THIS YEAR at the kids school they were doing things a little different..and I HONESTLY have to say that I LOVE IT!!! Other years they usually have parent night out AFTER the kids have gone to school for like a couple of days…BUT this YEAR…we HAD PARENTS night out BEFORE the kids even went to school and we EVEN GOT the names of THEIR TEACHERS…so, we ALL get  to MEET and GREET the teacher and CLASSROOMS before our kids WENT!!  WIN WIN!!! I love it because I LIKE TO BE PREPARED. They would give us all the NECESSARY paperwork and dates that are important in the upcoming year. EVERY YEAR…I would come home and MAKE a HUGE BINDER…I would laminate all the important paperwork that was sent home. I have 1 binder for ALL 4 KIDS!!! I used a SHEET divider with pockets and give each CHILD a COLOR. I would leave that BINDER in the MUDROOM so, that whenever one of them forgot their PASSWORD to their particular website or log in names…they know exactly where to look. This way…EVERYONE in the family is ON THE SAME PAGE and knows where to find everything that pertains to this SCHOOL YEAR!!! I even put a monthly calendar in the back of the binder of all the important DATES!!!



The front of each BINDER


The inside…each tab is for a different child of mine. They each have a pocket tab divider so I can put papers etc



This year I wanted to try and do things a little different. I wanted to TAKE it ALL IN and enjoy the kids FIRST DAY of SCHOOL….I felt like other years ..we were all in such a RUSH RUSH. So, this year…I got up really early and  prepared their lunches and breakfast.


BREAKFAST that morning


What they had for lunch on their first day …was savory meatball with sweet hawaiian bread



We head in to drop off each kid…3 of my kids go to the same school…which makes things so easy. First DAY of school..we usually have all their supplies with us. Their school supply list is always online at RENWEB so all we have to do is PRINT THEM out and buy those items that are listed there. Every YEAR…some of the items that are on there..I would buy duplicates because I know that mid year…or toward end of year…my kids would request for more or they would break what they have. Having SOME OF THESE ITEMS  BACK UP is so much easier and its LESS EXPENSIVE…because MID YEAR these items are so high. I have this cabinet that I would organize the end of the school year and BEGINNING of every school year!!

Cabinet for the EXTRA STUFF



Picture of my 3 in front of the sign and school


My oldest FIRST day is PICTURE DAY..she is in HIGH SCHOOL and they take pictures, get their books, pay their dues on the first day…then the next day is their OFFICIAL FIRST DAY of CLASS.


Once SCHOOL STARTS I would PUT out the homework caddy on our dining room table…this is where my kids do their homework. In this caddy …I just put everything that I think my KIDS NEED…you can customize it to your family. I do this because its just easier to have everything in ONE PLACE. I was kinda of tired of looking for a stick of glue here and there…now its all in one place.

During the HOLIDAY or SUMMER….I would put this caddy back into the cabinet.



When the KIDS get home from school…I like for them to have everything in ONE AREA of the house…so a couple of years ago…I had my handy man…built us this shelving unit in our MUDROOM.




All BACKPACKS, lunch bag, and shoes get DROPPED off here…right when they come through the DOOR!!

Then after they unpack their backpacks…all paperwork goes in these basket…or the trash can. I also PLACE items that they will need during the year in this BASKET. For EXAMPLE: my 4th grader has a list of reading books that they will be reading this year…I got all those BOOKS already and PLACE THEM in here.

Her reading books and LIST are inside this basket. I keep whatever they will be needing for their class in here…whether its books, ruler ..anything. They keep anything else that they like…just as long as they know that at the end of the school year..they will be cleaning it out themselves. TRUST ME!! Once they know this…they usually toss it right after they get home from school 😉


These basket works great because it has a lid and so no one sees the mess and clutter.


And thats a WRAP for the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL…ACTUALLY,  its not much of their FIRST DAY but on how I prep for their FIRST DAY hahahaha.

Hope your KIDS had a GREAT START to the NEW SCHOOL YEAR!!

Stay for my weekly post on KIDS SCHOOL LUNCHES!! And what I have in the BINDERS!!




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