I don’t know about you…but I am so excited and READY for FALL to be here!!! I need some COOL weather ASAP!! Especially coming back from my trip last week in PORTLAND!! The weather was amazing!! I am so ready to PULL OUT my boots, scarfs and sweaters!  I am kinda OVER THIS 90 degree weather! I don’t know about you…but I LOVE seeing PUMPKINS at the grocery store…I feel like when I start seeing them…FALL IS VERY NEAR!!! Trader Joe’s NEVER DISAPPOINT when it comes to holiday foods! I stopped by Trader Joes this past weekend and they had so MUCH FALL items!! I wanted to grab 1 of each!!! But I think my husband would KILL ME LOL

I just grabbed a few items to try….BUT I did made a list of what I will be buying next weekend when I return 😉

Out of everything that I bought this weekend to tried…I was only disappointed in 1 item…I am pretty sure …others LOVE it..for some reason..it just wasn’t for me.

Here is some of the items that I did see this trip…I am pretty sure they have LOTS more. Last year….they had some pumpkin ravioli but I didn’t see them this past weekend…they might have RAN OUT!! I did GRAB some white pumpkin…but I FORGOT to take a picture …sorry!! The small ones were only .69 and I grabbed a medium size one for $5.99…but they had some really HUGE ONES for only $5.99 but I wanted white ones and all they had were orange ones.

Here is what I saw on this TRIP!!!


Last year I bought these and I love them but my kids weren’t very fond of them. Maybe I need to find ANOTHER sauce to go with them


These candies smell devine


I bought 2 of these but haven’t tried it yet


Every year I would buy a few boxes of these. I love them with brie cheese


These are like OREO but in my opinion not as sweet.


I bought 2 of these and I did’t burn them…I just left them in the guest bathroom with the lid open and as soon as you walk into the bathroom…you can smell it.


These are so delicious…I bought 6 bags


This is how the popcorn looks


These are ver light. Kinda remind me if the veggie sticks but a lot lighter


I got these but to be honest..I wasn’t loving them


These taste like those frosted animal crackers but with a hint of spice


I haven’t tried these yet. I saw them today…but I had bought a box of the orange ones already


I need to grab a can of these next time.


I bet these are delicious in my coffee


I got these last year and my kids love them


I bought a can of these but will make it this weekend. I bet it is delicious!!!


These are so good…but you can’t have the whole bark in one sitting haha


I pop these in the toaster this morning…so good…I just had it with some butter


Who doesn’t love FALL LEAF?? These are so pretty so serve for a cute little party.


I saw these but I didn’t buy it this time…I had already pick up the Fall Leaf ones…will grab it next week


I will make these this weekend for breakfast. Can’t wait to try these


I grabbed 2 boxes of these…last year I bought some and when I returned …they were OUT!! These go perfectly with the pumpkin butter


The pumpkin butter…so good. I actually mix …1 jar to 1 package of cream cheese. SO GOOD!!!


I love these. I have 2 box in my pantry


These are very fruity…and NOT CHEWY at all. Cute little shapes for your little ones


They have something for EVERYONE in your FAMILY!! Even for your 4 legged friend!! 


They even made pumpkin treats for your dog



Hope you had a GREAT first DAY of FALL!!! 



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