Day 2 of the Disney Cruise

Tuesday the ship dock in Nassau Bahamas …I didn’t want to plan any excursion since this was our 1st cruise…we were only gonna go and tour the island for a little bit  then we were gonna head back to the ship so the kids can go on the Aquaduck since we knew this would be the best time since many of the other cruiser were on the island and there wouldn’t be any LINES and swim in the pool since all those other times the POOL is so PACK and tour the ship.

We ate breakfast and lunch at the Royal Palace (same restaurant we ate for dinner the 1st night we were there) then that night we saw “Disney Believe” show and ate at Animators Palate (where the screen talks to you…we had Crush the turtle) on deck 3.

They didn’t have any dessert that I wanted from the menu BUT our WAITER went to the other RESTAURANT and got me CREME BRÛLÉE !!!

Best wait staff EVER!!! I am so happy that we had 2nd seating because  the kids ate all day at Luigi Pizza and EYE SCREAM which was located on deck 11. The pool and Aquaduck are located on DECK 12.


The kids played Detective …this gave me my exercise for the week LOL ..we had to go find clues from deck 9 to deck 2…and they are on opposite ends of the ship. It was a great way to get to see the whole ship.


SIDE NOTE: Atlantis …we only tour Nassau for about 1-1.5 hrs …honestly not my favorite place on this cruise..they have so many people that is pushy…they try to sell you all sorts of things and continually asking you if you need a taxi ride or bus ride.

Dessert at the VISTA deck 4. Adult coffee shop COVE deck 11.

Everytime you ask for ketchup…they make it into a MICKEY shape.

Room service!! Warm chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal and raisin cookies, DESSERT of the DAY, all hands on deck (cheese platter), tomato basil soup. ham n brie panini (many different panini)  ..we ordered before we went to the show.

Many MEET and GREET where the kids can take pictures with a character of the day (check daily NAVIGATOR for what character and where they will be).

Random pictures of today: Breakfast (Mickey Waffle and Eggs Benedict


Our Towels that night:


Thats our DAY 2!! Tomorrow we will be at Castaway Cay!!!



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