A few weeks ago I went to Sam’s and they were sampling steak with this seasoning and I was HOOKED!! Its super flavorful!! I used to just season my steaks with salt and pepper…but I think my family is kinda tired of that. So, I am so happy that I found this seasoning. To be honest…I even used it once on my chicken breast…I needed something real quick and so I seasoned 2 piece of chicken beast to eat with our salads for lunch that day…and it was delicious!! Now, I have 2 container in my pantry 😉

We love eating steak…our favorite is filet mignon but this week at Winn-Dixie they had these beautiful T-Bone steak for $4.99 a pound…so I grabbed 2 huge pack. All my kids love eating their steaks with butter corn or garlic green beans. They also LOVE to dip it in Ranch Dressing. I love mines dip in a concoction of sauces.  Today, was Fathers Day and my husband had to work so instead of going out..we decided just to have a STEAK DINNER. I don’t know about you …but we usually don’t go out on these days because its always so CROWDED. We usually celebrate before or we usually wait until a few days after.


T-Bone Steak (or any Steak of your choice)
Chicago Steak Seasoning
Olive oil
Garlic Cloves (smash)
Rosemary Sprigs or Thyme


Steak after it has been flip…this is when I add in some butter, garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs.



Use a generous amount of Chicago Steak Seasoning to season the steak and gently press it into the meat. The thicker the steak the more seasoning you need. You can grill outside or indoor. I used a cast iron grill pan from Le Creuset ( I love this grill pan).  Next, get your grill pan nice and HOT. Then add in the oil…wait for the oil to heat up then add in your PIECE of steak. Its VERY IMPORTANT to only FLIP the STEAK ONCE during cooking!!! Moving the steak around in the pan will drain the juice and can leave your steak dry.  Mid way through cooking your steak or when you FLIP that one time…add a pat of butter in your pan…at this time add in the rosemary sprig or thyme and a couple pieces of smash garlic.  Next, spoon the butter over the steak. Keep basting the steak with the butter. Once you got the desire result of your steak…remove the steak from the pan and LET IT REST on your plate or cutting board.


TIP: You can test the doneness of the steak by doing the PALM (hand) test…compare to the regions of your palm and wrist.
Rare: is when you press down in the area where the thumb muscle near the middle of your palm.
Medium: is close to the outer side of your thumb near the wrist.
Well DONE: is how your wrist meets your hand….top of your wrist….where you wear your watch.


Chicago Steak Seasoning


Season steak


Steak right after I flipped it.


Steak served with butter corn, steam broccoli, or garlic green beans


T-bone steak


The seasoning is pretty salty….so a little goes a long way. 

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