I can eat Bun Rieu every week but my husband is not such a HUGE FAN …so every chance I get to make it…I would make a HUGE POT and freeze some of the broth so I can have it for the next few days 😉
1 bag of rice vermicelli ( about 10 oz)
1 gallon water
1 lb pork tips
1/4 cup dried shrimp (soak in water so that it can get soft)
4 roman tomato or 2 regular tomato (sliced)
1/2 cup sliced green onion (green part)
4 oz ground pork
1 small can crab paste (Asian Market–they sale in can or jar…and shrimp or carb flavor)
1 TBS fish sauce
1 TBS sugar
1 tsp fine shrimp sauce (man tom–shrimp paste–Asian Market)
4 eggs beaten
** You can also buy this bun rieu flavoring and add some in your broth to make the broth more FLAVORFUL. Sometimes I would add 1 tablespoon in my broth to to deepen the bun rieu flavor…this is strictly optional.
***cooked TOFU (optional)
chopped cilantro
sliced green onion
fresh chili
chili sauce
herbs of your choice
Cook vermicelli noodle according to package. Then drain and set aside.
In a large stock pot pour in the gallon water and add in the pork tips (making the pork stock).  If you don’t want to make your own stock…you can use ready made stock (chicken or pork–optional)
Cook stock for about 1 hrs …remember to skim off all the froth and fat off the top.
In a mixing bowl combine the ground pork, crab paste, fish sauce, shrimp sauce (man tom), dried shrimp and sugar. COMBINE then add the 4 beaten eggs and MIX in blender.  Pause about 4 times…DON’T over PUREE!!!
Next pour the ground pork mixture into the boiling pork stock pot. I usually SPOON in the ground meat mixture so that it makes these balls/patty shape.  Season with more fish sauce and sugar to taste!!!  Right before you turn off the stove…add in your sliced TOMATO and cooked tofu. Serve immediately over a bowl of vermicelli noodles. Garnish with sliced green onion, cilantro, basil, mint, chili, and squeeze some lemon or lime over. ENJOY!!!!
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