I don’t know about you…but I LOVE OCTOBER. Something about the month of OCTOBER…maybe it because ..I know the weather will be cooler and the beautiful COLOR LEAVES…the great smelling yummy CANDLES that I have burning in the house. The weather today was amazing!!! I also LOVE the cooler…so that I can BAKE without having to CRANK up my AC!!! LOL and I love making SOUP meals!! Today..we had PHO for dinner. HAPPINESS HAPPINESS 😉




By far….this little cutie BROWNIE SPIDER is the easiest to make…and the kid will LOVE IT!!! You can change it up and do all sorts of decorations or use different candies. Using pretzels instead of licorices…M&M .. or edible eyes…or you can just frost in your own eyeballs. The ideas are ENDLESS!!! If you can find these licorice lace…they are the BEST!!! Pretzels are very easy to use but they aren’t bendable…so it just stick straight out.



12 bake MINI brownies (if you don’t have mini brownies…you can bake a brownie and use a round/circle cookie cutter)
24 red and yellow color mini M&M for eye balls
Licorice lace or pretzels sticks




If you don’t have mini brownies, you can use a small circle cookie cutter to cut the brownies. Next, FOR THE EYES…dab a little frosting over the top so the mini M&M can stick to the brownies. Place the eyes on each brownies.

Then taking a cupcake paper…place each piece of brownie inside the cupcake paper. Be sure to place each brownie a few inches apart in a serving platter or tray because the legs will take up some space and it will be hard to move the brownies ONCE the legs are attached. If you can’t find THIN licorice pieces…cut them into thin thin pieces. To attach the legs…use a little toothpick to poke 8 little hole on the edge of the brownie. Then stick the licorice pieces into the holes. If the licorice doesn’t stick…use some of the frosting to help it adhere.


****If you don’t have licorice can use pretzel sticks. I wanted to use color licorice to make it fun for the kids. You can also use chocolate sprinkles to sprinkle over the top of the WHOLE brownie. You can also use edible eyes instead of mini M&M.


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