Last night we had our monthly GNO outing ..and this month we choose Briquette 701 S Peters St, New Orleans, LA 70130. We valet which was $10.00. They have parking on the streets but its very difficult…unless you are lucky. I found the restaurant had a warehouse feel inside. The artwork was beautiful. They had a picture of a crab and a tree by where we were sitting and they were both very vibrant and GORGEOUS!!!  The server came out with 2 little platter of toast that had like a salmon spread on top. It was ok….we rather a basket of bread.

We ordered our  drinks which is not your ordinary list of drinks…no apple martini or cosmopolitan. I order this daiquiri drink that was infuse with raspberry.  It was very good. My friends drink was made wrong and when they asked to be made right…they still came out wrong.


When we asked for an apple martini ..the server brought us this drink..which is a concoction of pecans and caramel. Its NOT THE PRETTIEST drink!!! Was kinda disappointed with the drinks last night. This drink came out only half full…we started joking with the server that he must have spilled some or took a few sips…..guess he felt bad because he did bring me a little shot glass to fill it up.



We ordered a few appetizers, a soup and salad.

Mussels and French Fries


We ordered the SPOTLIGHT GUMBO $9.00  which is DELICIOUS!!! My FAVORITE of all!!!

Living Bibb Lettuce $11.00 it is a BIB lettuce with roasted pork belly and blue cheese, candied pecan with a creole mustard vinaigrette.



Steelhead House Lox $12.00

2 Oysters dish ….Oyster Rockefeller $16.00 and Oyster Bienville




Our Main COURSE:


Scallop on cheddar grits… good but VERY       SALTY



This dish has to be my least FAVORITE …


This fish had ALOT of SCALES that was still on it…fish was flavorful but the other side had that skin and it was scaly.


Creme Brulee


Bread Pudding BEIGNETS

OVERALL, Briquette was good…except for a few hiccups. If you are looking for a nice ambience with some good food (food is a little pricey) …give BRIQUETTE a try. I would give it a 3.75 stars









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