This weekend was perfect…we had NOTHING PLANNED and we just ROLLED with it. It was awesome. On Friday night I went to a housewarming party that was amazing!! They had this champagne lady at the door.  The food was amazing…she had a sushi table, charcuterie board, and dessert table. It was very nice to see many of my friends there and catch up. Her new house was beautiful!!


Champagne girl


Charcuterie board


This was DELICIOUS!! It was very garlicky but so yummy


This pretzel tree was so neat!!


 On Saturday I got to sleep in a little then I hit Trader Joes…what was suppose to be a few items TURNED into a CART full of party items for next week. I also found a few of my favorite items for the holiday that I couldn’t passed up. 


I love these!!


My buggy


These were such a great deal. I am making some pomegranate Brussel sprouts this week


I grabbed a box of these to try


I grabbed 2 box of these ..we LOVE THESE


I grabbed a box of these to try


A closer look at the buggy


Saturday afternoon after our shopping trip…we went BOWLING with my husband staff. We had this deal where you pay $22.00 a person and you get all the soda and draft beer. The group deal also included some chicken wings, pizza, mozzarella cheese and this shrimp dish. The shoes also goes with it. We got to bowl like 3 games. This place is so much better than the Westside Bowling Alley in Westbank. 


The bowling alley


a photo op with my girls


The kids just hanging out eating


The alley is nice and clean


Chicken wings


mozzarella cheese stick


pizza and chicken wings


Sunday was a very lay back kinda day. We just stayed home and relax all day. I even got a chance to take a nap. Sunday night…I threw all my ingredients into a crockpot to make red beans and rice for lunch tomorrow. I LOVE weekend like this where I can just relax and NO SCHEDULE or APPTS…just do as we like. Even though I needed to clean the house instead of being LAZY hahahaha


Red beans in the crockpot

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