DAY 2 



Photo Op before we walked into the water parks



DAY 2 of our Disneyworld trip. Today, we headed to Blizzard Beach. We have been to Disneyworld so many times but we have never been to any water parks UNTIL this trip. I have to say…that I wish we would have went those other is so much FUN!! Especially with the HOT afternoon…being at these WATER PARKS is a MUST!! They have something for ALL AGES. I am so happy that I got these WATER SHOES for us to wear!! They were a LIFE saver!!  I saw so many kids and ADULTS that was trying to walk barefoot on the HOT pavement. These shoes that we got…is very lightweight and they can wear them on ALMOST all the RIDES. You can get them HERE 

You can get the kids one HERE



When you get inside the water can go into the store and if you are staying at a DISNEY resort…they give you towels to use. If you aren’t then you have to BRING YOUR OWN TOWELS. I had asked one of my friends and I guess she didn’t know…she told me to bring my own BEACH TOWELS…so I packed 7 beach towels for this trip. The day before when we were taking the shuttle to the Magic Kingdom…we spoke to this couple who had just came back from the water parks and they TOLD US …we don’t have to bring our own BEACH TOWELS to the water parks if you are staying at a DISNEY RESORT. Thank goodness…because I would have had to lugged all these towels to the water parks for nothing. SO, IF YOU ARE STAYING AT A DISNEY RESORT…YOU DON’T NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN TOWELS!!


Our family picture at Blizzard Beach


photo pass


The Summit Plummet. One of the BIGGEST water slide.


They had to hold their shoes on the Summit Plummet ride because of how fast it was going.


Kids section


The walk up to the family rafter and the PLUNGER


Blizzard Beach



****Just some suggestions if you do decide to go to BLIZZARD BEACH. The water parks open at 10:00am-5:00pm. I would try to get there a little earlier. The first day we got there a little after 10:00 am and ALL the nice sitting area was taken. So, we were out in the BRIGHT SUN…on the SAND area. If you come early…you can get a nice sitting area under one of the COVER area and NOT in the sand. Plus, you can get it near an area that you will spend a lot of your time at. Also, if you don’t want to buy the MUG that they sell for $12.95…bring a HUGE MUG/CUP of your own because you can get the ice from them for free and JUST bring your own drinks…and SNACKS. Get an ice chest and fill it with drinks and snacks. The water park tickets is in the $70s and FOOD can get pretty pricey. Also, if you aren’t staying a Disney Resort then you have to bring your own towels. If you are staying at a Disney Resort…you can pick up the towels at the store near the entrance.


Around noon we all got so hungry. So we stopped by to grab some burgers and chicken tenders. You can buy A MUG from them for $12.95 and have free refill ALL DAY long. Then pay $8.95 any day after that you come back. In my opinion…the MUG is not that big….and the drinks refill station is pretty far. They do allow you to bring in an ice chest of food and drinks if you like.  I saw many people bring ice chest full of drinks and food.

Burgers at Blizzard Beach


Chicken Tenders


burgers, milk shake, chicken tenders


Blizzard Beach is open from 10:00-5:00pm. The hours are perfect because we can sleep in late and still come home and have time to hit one of the theme parks. Tonight we decided to skip the parks and hit DISNEY SPRINGS for some shopping and DINNER. We all love Wolf Gang Pucks restaurant so we were gonna go there for dinner that night.  We started out with some shopping first at this HUGE Disney STORE. This store has EVERYTHING!!



Disney Springs–World of Disney Store


chicken alfredo


Salmon and meatloaf


Meatloaf was so DELICIOUS


After some shopping…we headed back to the Saratoga Springs and GRAB some ICE CREAM which was the start of our HAAGEN DAZS NIGHTLY treat.

The dulce de leche, strawberry, and vanilla was on repeat EVERY SINGLE NIGHT


And thats a WRAP for DAY 2…which was a HUGE SUCCESS!! We loved BLIZZARD BEACH!! It is a great water park…if you haven’t been…you should really GO!! Stay TUNE for our DAY 3!!


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