After lunch at Peche we walked across the street to Auction House Market….this place looks so COOOOOL!!! We didn’t know what to expect when we picked Mac and Moon for our dessert place. If we knew that Auction House Market had food like this…we would have ate here instead of Peche. They had like 5-6 different venues with different types of food that we could have ate from. They have an oyster place, sushi (poke bowl), coffee place, and a crepe place. They had a huge bar set up with in the center of the place. We had already ate at Peche across the street from here…so we just got desserts. They had different types of macaroons….and they roll icecream and milk shake. It was not cheap ….the icecream was $8.50 and the milk shake was $7.00. Each individual macaroons were $3.00 each. They have deals if you buy more. The macaroons weren’t big..they were a little bigger than a QUARTER.












Vanilla icecream with graham cracker and strawberry


Chocolate icecream w/ strawberry and brownies


The cute little bathroom


The crepe place next to Mac and Moon


Next to Mac n Moon

I think this is a cute place to hang out and try different food. We need to make another trip back and try out some real food next time.

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