Animal Kingdom used to be one of my least FAVORITE Disney Parks..but NOT ANYMORE!! Ever since they had Pandora …I love going to Animal Kingdom now. This trip was super fun…we started off on the Kali River Rapids…and we ALL GOT WET!! So, if you are gonna go on this ride…be prepared to get WET!! Some more than others…my little girl GOT SOAKED right at the beginning hahaha


This is me ..right when I got off hahaha


We went into the Nemo show after…I LOVE this SHOW!! 


Tree of LIFE 

Right in the center of Animal Kingdom…you will see baobab tree which has 325 carvings of existing and extinct animals on the trunk and the surroundings roots. When you walk into the show “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” you will see the carving up close. The show is also in the root of the tree.

Tree of LIFE


closer look at the Tree of Life



It’s Tough to Be a Bug 

It’s Tough to Be a Bug is a 3D show that is around 10 minute long. They have some parts in the show that can scared some people aka my daughter haha. There is some parts that weren’t her favorite 😉

Inside its Tough to be a BUG


Its TOUGH to Be a BUG. LOVE the shades 😉


Kilimanjaro Safaris

During our safari ride …we saw some amazing things and ANIMALS. Even after going on this ride at least 6x…every time I go…its still amazing..because you always SEE something new. If you haven’t ride the safari ride before…you need to go!!! The animals are up close. We even saw a rhino once …that was walking right near us.

Tree of stores water in the trunk so when the animals are thirsty..they would go into the soft spots of the tree to get water





termite mound


This TRIP for us is extra SPECIAL because we have FAST PASS for PASSAGE of AVATAR ……3 TIMES!! YES!! 3 TIMES!!!

This is the room that you go into to get scan and match




Passage of Avatar






We stop by DInoLand for a quick bit to eat.

Burgers and chicken/shrimp basket with french fries


my kids love Expedition Everett …me not so much


Around 7:00 pm…it started to get dark and it looks like it was gonna start pouring DOWN…so we decided to leave and grab dinner back at the HOTEL.

We had to have our Haagen Daz


Look how cute…they wrote this on our to go container


Lobster sandwich from Saratoga Springs


Chicken pizza (pie)


SInce it RAIN the rest of the NIGHT…we ate and just stayed in and watch a movie on TV. My husband went and dropped off a load of laundry at the Paddock. If you are a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) member you get laundry services for FREE. Just bring your detergent and dryer sheets. We wash our clothes on every TRIP!! It very helpful …especially if you are going for long …like us…9 days!! He likes to do laundry when the kids are at the PADDOCK swimming. The laundry room is just right there by the bathroom…it takes about 2 hours so its JUST ENOUGH time for the kids to swim.

And that a WRAP for DAY 4!!! Totally a successful day 😉 




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