We arrived EARLY Saturday morning and we hit MAGIC KINGDOM. Wow..today was SUPER HOT but it wasn’t crowded at all. I had scheduled our fast pass for later in the afternoon because I knew that we were driving in that morning and didn’t want to rush to the parks. We stopped by for breakfast first then we headed over to Magic Kingdom.


We left pretty early to check into our hotel. This time we stayed at a Holiday Inn and Resort  because we had booked so late and couldn’t get into one of Disney Resorts.


One of our other restaurant that we love to eat when we are at Disney Springs. If you book here…get the “Ice Room” it’s super cool 🙂


We went to Disney Springs to eat dinner at Enzo Hideaway …it was definitely a HIDEAWAY because it was pretty much in the basement…LOL



They had this amazing refrigerator right by where we were sitting


The restaurant was beautifully decorated and the food was DELICIOUS!!

Bread and Olive Oil (Dipping)


Ink Squid Pasta


Kids Spaghetti and Meatball


Spaghetti Bolognese


Kids Chicken Tender with fingling Potao


At night we took the kids swimming at the hotel.. we saw the whole MAGIC KINGDOM FIRECRACKER from our room!! It was a great first day at DISNEY!!



Tomorrow we are heading to Epcot!!




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