I don’t think I was EVER more  EXCITED for this TRIP to come. I guess with the ROUGH year that we had…we WERE all so ready to head back to OUR FAVORITE PLACE….DISNEY!!! It so weird how so many of my friends KEEPS asking me “your not BORED of DISNEY yet?” and I have to say…that my answer is ALWAY “no” hahaha. I guess I LOVE going back so much because its a VACATION that my WHOLE family loves and ENJOY!! Plus, we get to do something for ALL of us. They have something for each of us that we LOVE. The food is delicious!! To me…its carefree…because we don’t stress about having to DO IT ALL!! We take our time and just go with what we like to do.

Every time we go…we would LEAVE at night. My husband would sleep and then wake up and we would LEAVE our house around 10:00pm or so. We always DRIVE over night. My husband likes it this way so the kids can ALL BE ALSEEP and he doesn’t have to make so many stops. We usually stop once at Buc-ee’s in ALABAMA then again right after Tallahassee, Florida. We always get there in the am right when the PARKS OPEN. If we are lucky..our ROOMS are ready and we can head there…drop off all of our luggages and HEAD STRAIGHT to MAGIC KINGDOM. Our tradition NOW is we always HIT Magic KIngdom on our 1st day and LAST night there. Our favorite parks is MAGIC KINGDOM. My kids love all the parks but they ALL get to ride and do more at MAGIC KINGDOM.

When we arrived this time ..our rooms weren’t ready and our FAST PASS wasn’t until after 11:00 am so we stopped by for BREAKFAST at this local place called My French Cafe..it was such a cute place and the food was delicious.


VIvi got the fruit tart


Kids breakfast


I got the Western Omelette. Ethan got the Egg Benedict on croissant


Saratoga Springs 

This time we stayed at Saratoga Springs. I like this resort because the POOL area (Paddock) is wonderful and has a HUGE water slide for the kids and the food area is right there. They have 2 pool area …one by the check in area (Springs) and the other one is near where we were called the Paddock. My kids also LOVE the food at this resort.  When you get the dining plan they give you these MUG that are unlimited refills for the duration of your stay. Its only available at ALL resorts only..not at the PARKS. I wish they would make one for the resorts. They do have one that you can purchase from the water parks ..I will go into more details about that later.

This was on our bed at Saratoga Springs


The refilled mug that they give you when you are on the dining plan


Our refilled mug and ICE CREAM every single day. We used our SNACK for these ice cream.


menu at the paddock pool area


adult drinks at the paddock..which is included in the dining plan now


Adult drinks


Burgers at the paddocks


Kids hanging out by the pool


Water slide at the paddock



After we ate at My French Cafe …we hit Magic Kingdom. We stayed there only until around 5:00 pm then we went to our hotel to check in and then grab an early DINNER at the resort.

pizza and LOBSTER sandwich at the Saratoga Springs dining area


Dessert–this was so good..it was a white chocolate ganche with milk chocolate. yummy





After dinner we returned back to Magic Kingdom for a few rides…since we notice that morning that it was not crowded at all.

Kids at the Main Street..pictures from the passport


Buzz Lightyear ride


It’s a SMALL WORLD ride


We ended the night with DINNER at Columbia House with some LOBSTER ROLL and seafood platter

Columbia House


Now that a wrap for our FIRST day at Disneyworld!!

Come back tomorrow and to see what we did at Blizzard Beach and WHAT yummy food we ate at Disney Springs.


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