Every YEAR I look forward to today!!! I love AMAZON Prime DAY!!! I am gonna link items that I  have and love or items that I am getting.

iROBOT my favorite item that I got last year!!! I am gonna order another one for my upstairs because I don’t want to keep having to bring it up and down stairs.This one works with ALEXA!!


This one is a better DEAL iLIFE 

My next item that I literally use EVERYDAY is my airfyer


Anova Sous Vide

If you love to cook steak or thick cut porkchop..this item is for you!!! This is an awesome DEAL!!!


Last year I got 2 of these FIRE TV Stick because I got tired of going out and renting movies and forgetting to return them….so I got these and we love them…I just ordered another one for my room.



INSTANT POT I can’t speak enough about the IP!! IP are my jam during the summer when I don’t want to having something on the stove for long periods of time…like a pot of red beans and rice or PHO for my lil family…I can use my IP and cook in less than half the time!! You can’t BEAT this DEAL!!! Under $60.00!!!


INSTAX Polaroid Printer 

I been using my Clarisonic ever since I got married…and I love it!!! I am actually on my 2nd one!! I think I will buy this one and save it just in case mine gives out on me because its been a couple of years.

When I went to Atlanta back in May…my flat iron gave out on me so I ordered one from Amazon …I needed one right away and didn’t want to spend alot of money on them so I got this KIPOZI ones and they are awesome…today on PRIME you can get it for less than $30.00!!! That is 75% off!! I got the PINK one…the Pink color wouldn’t link…so I link the GOLD one.


It SUMMER and I know many of you are traveling…this LUGGAGE set is an awesome DEAL!!

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