Witch Hats

Every year during this season …I make these as treats for the kids to bring to school for their snacks…I think it is the easiest snack to make ….yet its SUPER CUTE!!! It goes well with the reese cup and pretzel stick …aka witch broom.  Both of these snacks are fun and easy to make and goes with the HALLOWEEN theme so well.


These are by far the easiest treat to make for the kids during Halloween. 

1 pack Keebler stripe fudge cookies ( you can use OREO but I find it’s too thick)
1 pack Hershey’s kisses
1 tube of frosting — you can use the one in the can but I just find it gets pretty messy
Take 1 Hershey’s kisses and dab it with the frosting … I use the chocolate side of the cookie.
Then sprinkle with some Halloween sprinkle … Wala
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