What we are eating today!! Beef and Broccoli with Porkchop in the AIRFRYER!!  If you don’t have an airfryer...I highly recommend getting one because it one of the most used appliance in my house. I think we used it more than my microwave!! We LOVE it for even warming up food!! Especially, like PIZZA and Popeyes chicken and THE BISCUIT ;)!! The biscuit doesn’t taste the same when you microwave BUT with the AIRFRYER…IT IS AMAZING!! I link the ONE I HAVE HERE.  I also HAVE this ONE HERE


Porkchop in the airfryer!!!


We went shopping today since Kendra Scott had a promo ..that if you spent $100.00 they were giving away a Drusy necklace that is worth $65.00. So, I took my lil gal to the mall to get an early bday gift ….since her bday is in May.


Every YEAR…I would buy 2 sheet set for the beds in our house…since I try to wash our bedding every 2 weeks and throughout the years…the sheets would look worn out. I always have 2-3 EXTRA sheet sets per bed …just in case one of my kids get sick or if we have company over…we can just change out the sheets without having to wait for them to be wash. I usually buy 1 white sheet set and another color…like gray or blue. I also keep these extra sheet set in their closet. Through the years…I found that these SHEET SETS are the BEST and they are so inexpensive!!! You can CLICK HERE to order them!!





My daughter and I got these FREE movie tickets to the premier of “booksmart” tonight. So right before the MOVIES we grab a box of Popeye’s chicken ….gosh they are so yummy!! We ordered a shrimp tackle box to try but my kids pretty much devoured it in the car on the way home. LOL


I also got  my GROVE COLLABORATIVE order in today. This months haul isn’t very big because I just needed a replenish the items that I ran out….and I needed to order another pair of their gloves…I accidentally poke a hole in my last pair ;(

I love their microfiber towels!!! If you haven’t tried Grove Collaborative before …you should…I have a code to get a free 5 piece set!!


So..this is WHAT’s UP WEDNESDAY for us today!! Hope you are having a great HUMP DAY!!!


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