Gosh, I am so happy we got through HALF the week….2 more days and SUMMER will OFFICIALLY begins in our HOUSE. Not like the kids haven’t been ACTING like SUMMER hasn’t started…they have been in the pool almost every afternoon for the past week. So, that is what we been DOING lately …spending our afternoon OUTSIDE in the pool!!

What have we been EATING?? Anything CROCK POT or ONE PAN MEAL!!! Honestly, its too HOT to be standing in front of the stove. I been making whatever I can in the crock pot or AIR FRYER. I even went as far as MAKING a SANDWICH charcuterie board!!! We have also been eating LOTS of SALADS lately.


This week its all about salads


Pan fry roasted garlic and herb salmon with spring mix


Citrus Salmon with another salad


What I am LOVING right now!!

These SHARPIE PEN are a life saver for me!! I don’t have to pull out my DYMo label maker and then having to pull off the label for every use. Now, I have this SHARPIE WATER BASE pen that I can write on anything with then just wash it off with a sponge and dishsoap when I am washing the dishes. TIP: when you are making a dish to bring to a party or function. Its great to write your name on the top so at the end of the night…they know which pot is yours. Also, for me today ..I was serving over 50 kids and by writing what is in the POT …they don’t have to keep asking what is this or that. Its clearly written on top so they don’t have to open it to see what is inside. For SHARPIE PEN …CLICK HERE


Using the sharpie to label whats in the crockpot


Today, my kids had end of YEAR school party …so I was busy running from 1 location to the next…because my 2 had parties at different location. After the party ..we could check out our kids…so I checked them both out and grab my oldest who also FINISHED at  1:00 pm. We headed to meet my hubby for LUNCH. We ate by his work place at a place called High Hat…it is one of my favorite places to eat. I had this:


BBQ Shrimp


Hubby had the oyster poboy


Kids meal

I didn’t take picture of the 2 kids hamburger. It was a quick and yummy meal. We then headed home and rest for the day because I had another function that night for a Woman Club installation that I was going to. This year we decided to have it at night instead of our usual luncheon. They definitely HAD more attendances. We had it at Ralph’s on the Park.  Once again I had the BBQ Shrimp..they gave us 2 choices …chicken or bbq shrimp. I totally forgot that I had chosen BBQ shrimp. We had to chose what we wanted when we turned in the form..which was about 1 month ago.

This time they gave us this grit patty instead of bread..I prefer the bread so I can dip with the sauce lol


Dessert was creme brulee


So this about wrap up our Wednesday!! Are you looking forward to the summer!!

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