After Christmas we took a little trip to visit my IN LAWS in Texas. It was a very short trip but we manage to do so much. We shop, ate, shop and ate some more LOL On our way to Texas we always stop at Buc-ees. I always have to have my BLUEBERRY muffin!! If you ever get a chance to go…try it!! Its so good!! My kids love the grill cheese sandwich with their tater tots. They like to add BACON to their grill cheese sandwich also. We also got an order of fish n chips. 


Buc-ees grill cheese sandwich with bacon and tots


Buc-ees Fish and Chips


Gotta grab my blueberry muffins


Our FIRST STOP in AUSTN, Texas is GARBOS!! They have the best lobster rolls and lobster bisque!! DELISH!! 





After our huge LOBSTER ROLL dinner …we had to stop by Andy’s Frozen Custard


Like crazy people…it was freezing cold but this place was so pack


strawberry banana with vanilla custard




We grabbed some Charms BBQ Chicken and some  85 degree bakery in Austin, Texas. We took our loots to the Lakehouse to eat and watch some college FOOTBALL. 


their loots for the evening while watching football


so good


my happy place …carbs OVERLOAD


our mango passion tea


taro, garlic bread, cheese dog


bacon, mushroom bread, Hawaiian bread


BBQ Chicken


Grabbed our chicken wings to go


chicken wings


On Sunday after we went to mass we wanted to grab some treats so we headed to Adelyn Bakery Boutique…this place is such a gem!! The place is super cute and they have some yummy macaroons!!! My kids had such a great time taking pictures in this bakery!! 


yummy macaroons


This place is so cute


ours drinks


The next day…we hit the DOMAIN for some shopping since my SIL was working. We stopped at The Hat Creek for lunch. 

We got the classic burger


My lil mini enjoying her burger


On New Years Day …we hit up the San Marco OUTLET and got some shopping done. The outlet was NOT PACK AT ALL. I was very surprise that it wasn’t as crowded since it was New Years Day. WE had stopped by on Sunday on our way from Austin to San Antonio and IT WAS SO PACK!! Even though we came at 5:30pm (they close at 7:00 pm). After we did a little shopping we stopped by 54th street in San Marco to grab a late lunch. The food was very good!! I had the rattlesnake pasta and it was delicious!! This place did NOT DISAPPOINT at all. 

spinach and artichoke pasta


rattlesnake pasta–it had a little kick to it


philly steak sub with onion rings


On Wednesday NIGHT…we were still kinda full from 54th street Grill and Bar…that we just wanted something small…so we went to ARTEA (located in San Antonio Texas). Artea is a bubble tea, pan asian, and Taiwanese place. The food was ok…in my opinion I found it to be a little pricey. 


yaki udon


honey bacon glazed chicken bite and popcorn chicken




beef udon


Wintermelon Tea


On our way HOME…we had to do ONE LAST STOP at 85 degree. We just grabbed our FAVORITE…which is the bacon bread, ham n cheese, cheese dog, wheat mushroom bread, Hawaiian chicken and garlic bread. 


only 2 tray full this time


We came back for our favorite this time around 


That’s a  wrap for our mini trip to TEXAS 😉

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