This year we had a very LOW KEY  Valentine….my kids were so busy with after school activities that I just planned it around their schedule. My 3 little ones had tennis practice after school until 4:30 pm and Ethan had a birthday party that was schedule from 4:00-7:00pm. So, I picked them 3 up from tennis practice and dropped Ethan off at his friends birthday party. Since we had until 5:30 to pick up Madison from school.  After I dropped off Ethan at the bday party…I took the 2 girls to grab some ice cream at a Creole Creamery…. while we waited to pick up big sister. Since they couldn’t decided on which flavor to get…we got the 6 small scoops so they can get 6 different flavors and share it…problem solved 😉 


Ice cream with these 2 cutie


This is such a great deal…6 scoop for $7.00


Red Velvet …it has some red velvet cake going all through the ice-cream



After we grabbed Madison we headed home and had a little snack until Ethan came home to have our Valentine Dinner…I made a little cheese board and the kids made PIZZA. I got the dough from Trader Joe’s. In my opinion …I think they have the BEST PIZZA DOUGH!!! 


Charcuterie Board and Pizza


We made heart shape PIZZA


Heart shape


this lil one love making pizza


Their creation <3


Pizza in the oven


my 2 lil ones


my love


After I picked up my son from his friends bday party…I cam home and put my steak on the grill (I used an indoor grill pan). In the morning I prep my steak and SOUS VIDE them…so all I had to do was put them on the grill for a few minutes and they COOK PERFECTLY!!!  I season my steak very simple… prime rib seasoning, salt, fresh cracked pepper, and some garlic powder. DON’T forget to rub a little olive oil on the steak before you season them. Then I used my food saver and sealed it with a piece of rosemary. I set the temp to 130 on my sous vide and let it run for about 3 hours. 

Prepping the steak before I sous vide them


vacuum seal and sous vide


Vacuum Seal the bags and set the sous vide to the temp that you want


I sear it on all 4 sides and they cooked perfectly


Let them rest before you cut into them


PERFECTLY cooked the way we like it


We ended the night with a little Hallmark Movie and some  popcorn. I think as I get older….I just want to spend this BEAUTIFUL day with my family. No need for flowers or candies…just spending some time with them is all I WANT!!! <3  I hope you guys had the best VALENTINE ever 🙂 

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